Download Garena free fire new beginning Apk Free

 Download Garena free fire new beginning Apk Free

Free Fire Competitive Game:

The game is considered one of the best competitive games online, and the gameplay and interface are very similar to the famous PUBG Mobile game, so if you are already playing PUBG Mobile, you will not face a problem in understanding the interfaces and the way of playing, as you will be in an online competition to stay within 50 players of different Across the world, the player or team that holds out in the fight wins the current round.

Different game modes:

There are several modes that you can start in the Free Fire game, where you can play individually or within a team of two or four players, and you can play with your friends in a team by linking your account with Facebook, or playing with random players from different parts of the world, and you can Play in classic mode or ranked game mode with more difficult rules, and there are several different modes that unlock as your level increases.

Learn about the various maps:

There are two maps, one of which can be chosen as a scene of fighting in the game, the Bermuda map is the default map and available to play at the beginning, and after you reach the fifth level you will be able to play in the new Brigatori map, and the maps differ from each other in terms of place names and their distribution in the geographical area and other things, as The name of the map appears clearly beside the name of the mode you want to play in.

Take to the battlefield:

After choosing the mode and the map, you can start playing, you will be transferred to a temporary space in which all the players meet, and you have to wait until the required number of 50 players is completed, after which the plane that includes all the players flying on the playing area will be displayed, you can choose the appropriate moment to jump from the plane , And then parachute down with directional flight control while descending to the area specified on the map.

Control and movement tools:

On the phone screen, many buttons appear related to the process of controlling your warrior, on the left side there is a movement control button in all directions with the automatic running button displayed, and by moving in the center of the screen you can control the angle of movement, and on the right side there are the jump, sit and lie buttons as well as the launch button Precision bullets and aiming, in addition to displaying weapons with the ability to switch between weapons.

Garena Free Fire game features:

👉A distinctive competitive game of struggle to survive in the playground.
👉Play solo, duo, or as part of a team as you wish.
👉Many modes to start playing with.
👉Several maps have different geographic areas and shape.
👉Many types of weapons found on the battlefield.
👉Easy to control the movement of the character during the battle.
👉Unlock more new character shapes.
👉Change game and graphics settings to your own style.

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