Download Split APKs Installer Apk

 Download Split APKs Installer Apk

what's Split APKs Installer Apk?

Split APKs Installer (SAI) to split APK application files and then re-merge and install them in phones, export the applications installed in your phone in all their sections, and then you can reinstall them in the phone without problems.

SAI app business idea:

The presence of a huge number of types of smartphones running the Android system with different types of hardware and specifications, the most important of which are the type of processor architecture, the size of the screen, etc., caused an accelerated inflation of application sizes in order to be compatible with most of these phones.

In order to solve this problem and reduce the size of the application as much as possible and at the same time compatibility with most phones, Google invented the idea of ​​dividing the application into several parts (a basic part, a part related to the processor architecture, a part for resources and images, a part for the language, etc.) so that only the parts that are compatible with the specifications of the phone are installed The current and avoiding the rest of the unnecessary parts for the phone, these parts are saved in a new package file in APKS format and it contains within it several APK packages, each of which contains an important part of the application, and here lies the function of the SAI application as it exports the various parts of the application in one file in the format ( .APKS) or install these packages.

Split APKs Installer (SAI) features:

👉A special application for splitting or regrouping applications (.APKS) and installing them in the phone.
👉View all apps installed in the phone that support Split APK (.APKS).
👉Sort apps by name and display system apps.
👉Exporting applications with the ability to choose the sections to be exported.
👉Easily re-assemble the application sections and install it in the phone.
👉Install applications with or without root access.
👉Control the name of the application file before exporting it to distinguish it.

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