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Download Subway Surfers Apk Latest version

 Download Subway Surfers Apk Latest version

Subway Surfers is an action and platform game with a gameplay very similar to Temple Run where you will have to escape from the police inside an abandoned station where trains go by at full speed. Be careful!

Unlike Temple Run, Subway Surfers doesn't require you to control your character with the accelerometer. Instead, you need to move your character between three lanes by sliding your finger across the screen. Of course, you can jump over obstacles and roll on the ground to avoid others. You can also use different gadgets like jetpacks and skateboards to help you in this endless race.

As you would expect in this kind of game, you have to complete several missions in which you will get coins to buy upgrades. This is not a new principle, but it is still a positive point.

Subway Surfers' graphics are impressive, so much so that less powerful devices might have difficulty displaying images smoothly. Finally, we must admit that the models and textures are also of very good quality.

Download Subway Surfers