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Download Whatsapp Gold apk 2021

 Download Whatsapp Gold apk 2021

About the WhatsApp Gold application:

WhatsApp Gold is an instant messaging application with which you can write text messages and share photos, videos, voice messages and media. The application was established in 2009, and its use requires that the person owns a mobile device with a SIM card, then downloads the application and you can also use it through your computer, and WhatsApp is an application supported by operating platforms such as Windows, Android and iPhone. After downloading the application on the device, you run it by adding your phone number as the user name of the application, and after running the application, it is linked to the device on which it was downloaded. It is one of the easiest applications currently known in the field of sending text messages, and this application has gained great success since its inception due to its free calling and texting services, and for good reason, it gets a continuous set of updates and supports a large group of devices and has a long list of the features. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp, and WhatsApp witnessed a continuous growth in the number of users until it reached one billion users in 2017 in 180 countries, in addition to its security features. You can also take Other highlights for you to think about:

Download Whatsapp Gold apk 2021:

It is one of the best applications ever to make chat and video calls on social media. The application is very easy and has a lot of features, themes and awesome shapes in the application. We will talk about the application from the inside.
In the golden WhatsApp interface, there is the following in the top left of the application, there are three points and there are:
Privacy: It has hidden visibility, and it enables you to open the Internet and be with friends online as if you are not visible and open the application, and this is a great feature.
There is also a healthy reading feature in WhatsApp Plus, which is to see the conversation when the person you are talking to appears healthy for reading, indicating that you have read the message. This feature makes you read the message, it appears to the other person that you did not read it.
The writing feature shows your friend while you are talking to him that you are writing in your message that will reach him. This feature makes you write in your message and it appears to your friend that you are not writing anything.
Recording is in progress and this is the Facebook feature or the so-called voice messages, which makes you hidden when recording the voice message like the rest of the previous features.
In WhatsApp Gold Aboarab, there is a so-called status, which is to publish a picture and it disappears within 24 hours, and when you enter any picture of a friend of yours, it appears to him that you have seen his status. This feature makes you see the status and show to your friend that you did not see it.
The feature of activating not to delete the message, which is if your friend tries to delete any message or image, it will appear to him that he deleted it, but for you it will not be deleted, and this feature is only present in the Plus program, such as WhatsApp Gold Plus Abu Arab
Reboot: It is to update your WhatsApp every time you turn on this wonderful feature, and it exits directly when you press it from the application, re-update, and then re-enter again.
Custom Conversations: This is to do something like a secret chat that you don't want anyone to see.
The golden WhatsApp application is a modified application from the original WhatsApp, which was developed by the developer Abu Arab, and it is downloaded through the Google Play Store or through external links that supports operation on Android. It was programmed by a famous Arab programmer, and it has all the features of the original WhatsApp, but in addition to it Many of the features developed by the developer Abu Arab, which we benefit from more than the original WhatsApp, as he has added many of the features and tools we need in WhatsApp, such as the image and video download tool without resorting to other tools and applications, and one of the most important features that the developer Abu Arab added is to hide the appearance Not being able to know any of your private details and not being able to know if you are online or offline, not showing or displaying pictures